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Oct 11, 2016

Sales, Relationships, Trust, Business, Leadership



I often define selling as simply discovering what the OTHER person wants, needs, or desires, and helping them to get it. While this is certainly true as far as selling a product or service, it covers SO much more. We’ll take a VERY special look at that in our first segment. And later, Anthony Iannarino will move from Alice Cooper fan to sharing with us wisdom from his fantastic new book titled, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need. That and more on today’s show.

Bob's Thought of the Day


You’ll discover:


  • A very unique story of a personal experience Anthony had with rock legend, Alice Cooper.
  • How Alice sells the show but also provides the “customer experience” as well as any sales professional.
  • Alice’s example of leadership by personally engaging with his fans.


Interview with Anthony Iannarino


You’ll discover:


  • Why the first step to sales success is believing in yourself and your power to make a difference.
  • Anthony’s reflections on a “dream client”--who they are, how to spot one, and why you should invest your time winning them over.
  • Why caring for others is a huge competitive advantage, and how it results in trust.
  • A helpful “equation” from sales authority Charlie Green that illustrates the value of trust in the sales process.
  • Why the only thing you truly sell is outcomes, how to “own” your outcomes, and how to leverage this outcomes-based sales approach for your business.
  • How to manage customers who ask for a discount or a “deal.”

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  • Sales isn’t situational, it’s individual. @iannarino
  • Trust = [Credibility x Reliability x Intimacy] / Self-Orientation via @charleshgreen @iannarino
  • You not only SELL the outcomes … you OWN the outcomes. @iannarino


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The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino
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