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Mar 17, 2016

Influence, Relationships, Leadership, Success, Service


Why is influence so important to have? And what does it really mean? Is it good? Bad? What is its essence? We’ll discuss that in our Thought of the Day. And later, in today’s interview, we’ll chat with Dan Rockwell, a master of influence who truly understands what influence is … and is not about. That and more on today’s show.

Bob's Thought of the Day 

  • The essence of influence is pull--a genuine type of power that is the opposite of force. Force is control, manipulation, intimidation, and compliance. Compliance is a function of positional authority.
  • The opposite of compliance is commitment, which comes from influencers asking themselves, “How does what I’m asking this person to do align with their goals, needs, wants, and desires?”
  • Bob’s friend and mentor, Dondi Scumaci, expressed it this way: “Compliance will never take you where commitment can go.”
  • Great leadership is never about the leader, great influence is never about the influencer, and great salesmanship is never about the salesperson--it’s about everyone whose lives you touch. 

Interview with Dan Rockwell

  • Good leaders know that it’s not about them. It’s about serving those they lead and bringing out their best.
  • There is no dichotomy between caring for others and pursuing success in your business. In fact, there is a cause and effect relationship.
  • If you can’t have a tough conversation with someone, you don’t care enough about that person. You must be interested in others’ success as much as your own.

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