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Jun 27, 2017

Emotional Intelligence, Sales, Business, Relationships, Influence


073 Sales EQ - Jeb Blount




Emotional intelligence might just be the ultimate difference-maker in terms of living a successful and influential life. We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, one of the world’s top sales authorities shows us why and how emotional intelligence is the difference-maker in sales as well. That and more on today’s show.


Bob's Thought of the Day


You’ll discover:


  • Why talent and ability can now be considered more of an entry-level to success rather than an indicator of success.
  • A definition of emotional intelligence.
  • The key to long-term, sustainable influence.
  • Why there’s nothing more potentially dangerous than a bad person with good people skills.
  • An insightful reminder from Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People.


Interview with Jeb Blount


You’ll discover:


  • How Jeb defines emotional intelligence, and why he wrote Sales EQ.
  • Why the relationship between buyer and seller is different than any other relationship.
  • Who has the greatest control in any sales conversation.
  • The difference between ultra-high sales performers and others salespeople.
  • Two stories from Sales EQ that illustrate how ultra-high performing salespeople distinguished themselves from their competitors.

Why it’s not about how you (the salesperson) are different from your competitors, it’s about how your prospective client is different from their competitors. 

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  • When you speak someone’s language, it causes them feel more connected to you. @SalesGravy
  • The very best salespeople look at the relationship as an opportunity to serve another person rather than taking something from them. @SalesGravy
  • When you speak your prospect’s language, your probability to win the deal goes up. @SalesGravy


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