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Nov 6, 2018

Greatness, Habits, Business, Character, Sports




He didn’t FOCUS on winning … yet he constantly won. We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, we’ll hear from award-winning journalist Don Yager, who has met, hung out with, and interviewed many of our world’s top performers--those we would consider great. Even better, he shares a number of their commonalities. Powerful! That and more on today’s show.


Bob's Thought of the Day


We’ll explore:


  • Coach John Wooden’s definition of success: “Peace of mind that is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”
  • A few of Coach Wooden’s qualities that stood out the most.
  • That focusing on bringing value to your customers will result in earning much more money than focusing on the money itself.

Interview with Don Yaeger


You’ll discover:


  • What drew Don to journalism.
  • How Don defines “greatness,” and what greatness is NOT.
  • The question that Don asked 2,500 people over a 25-year career, and what the answers to this question taught him about the habits that lead to greatness.
  • The four “pillars” of greatness Don identifies in his book, Greatness.
  • Why the truly great ones hate to lose more than they love to win, and why the losses are part of the fuel that drives them.
  • Why the truly great ones are always in search of a better inner circle.
  • The importance of doing your prep work.
  • Insights about the great Hall of Fame baseball player, Roberto Clemente.
  • A powerful quote from John Wooden: “You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”


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  • Focusing on bringing value to your customers will result in earning much more money than focusing on the money itself.
  • The great ones know they will never outperform their inner circle. So the great ones are always out to improve their circle. @DonYaeger #greatness
  • #Greatness is the persistent pursuit of professional and personal exceptionalism. @DonYaeger

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