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Dec 11, 2018

Sales, Differentiation, Relationships, Business, Marketing




Just how much influence does the salesperson have in terms of how the value of his or her product is perceived by their prospective buyer? Actually … quite a lot. And with that in mind, we’ll discuss the importance of sales differentiation with a true expert, Lee Salz. In fact, that’s the very title of his terrific new book. That and more on today’s show.


Interview with Lee Salz


You’ll discover:


  • Why you should avoid using the word “best” when describing your product or service.
  • The power of this opening statement: “Today, I’ll share with you some differences in what we offer that our clients find beneficial, and you can decide for yourself if those are meaningful to you.”
  • How to align your differentiators with the right opportunities.
  • The difference between marketing differentiation and sales differentiation.
  • Why we must give context to sales differentiators to help prospects understand them.
  • A powerful story about a locally owned and operated waste management company in Minnesota that discovered its differentiator and became even more successful.
  • How to use the customer’s objection to proactively differentiate your product or service.


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  • #Sales differentiation drives buyer action. @SalesArchitects
  • On this episode, learn how to use the customer’s objection to proactively differentiate your product or service. @SalesArchitects #sales


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