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Jan 8, 2019

Cognitive Dissonance, Thinking, Relationships, Human Nature, Emotions




In today’s episode, we’ll look at an element of human nature to which we all fall victim from time-to-time, and just as importantly, how to successfully navigate it and manage it both for our success and the success of others. There is no interview today—just li’l ol’ me. That and more on today’s show.


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You’ll discover:


  • A closer look at the two parts of the term “cognitive dissonance.”
  • Three ways we can respond when we hold someone in high esteem and then learn something about them which turned out to be true, which was totally contrary to what you held to be true.
  • Why we need to be able to control and master our emotions and ego.
  • The best way to help others who are experiencing cognitive dissonance.
  • An exercise to help you become more aware of any cognitive dissonance you may be experiencing.
  • Why facts don’t persuade; people do.
  • The importance of becoming aware of cognitive dissonance and taking the correct steps to mitigate it and become effective despite it.


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  • On The Go-Giver Podcast, learn why “Cognitive Dissonance” is so destructive to our ability to make good decisions…and how to overcome it.
  • When faced with cognitive dissonance, there are only three possible choices (just one is positive). Which will you make? ~from The Go-Giver Podcast.
  • On The Go-Giver Podcast, learn an exercise to help you become more aware that you are suffering from cognitive dissonance.




“What is Cognitive Dissonance?” by Kendra Cherry in “Very Well Mind”

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