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Oct 8, 2019

Kindness, Struggle, Humility, Leadership, Pain




It’s often said that struggle is a positive thing. But is it really a GIFT? We’ll look at that through a fascinating discussion with Bobby Herrera on today’s episode. That and more on today’s show.


Interview with Bobby Herrera


You’ll discover:


  • Bobby’s journey of struggle as a child.
  • The life-changing “bus story” that would serve as a sort of North Star for the rest of Bobby’s life.
  • Why pain, struggle, and suffering are the pathways to wisdom.
  • The importance of viewing leadership as an “inside job,” and how it builds trust with your team members.
  • How Bobby used the “bus story” to transform his company into a community.
  • A powerful story about choosing the hardest right over the easiest wrong.
  • How to reframe the way you view struggle in your life.


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  • #Leadership amounts to wanting more FOR our people than we want FROM them. @BobbyHerreraPG
  • #Struggle is the most honest and revealing measure of progress toward becoming the leader you desire to be.” @BobbyHerreraPG
  • #Humility is the secret of the wise. @BobbyHerreraPG


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