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Dec 22, 2020

Confidence, Bravery, Belief, Leadership, Relationships




What exactly IS courage? We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, Shannon Ferraby desired a certain lifestyle for her family, and she desired it enough to face her fears and take the necessary steps. That and more on today’s show.


Bob’s Thought of the Day


We’ll explore:


  • A powerful quote regarding bravery from Bran's (Game of Thrones) Dad ... and from from my Dad!
  • Why we should look fear in the eye and take action that will either destroy that fear, or at least advance our situation even if the fear still exists afterwards.


Interview with Shannon Ferraby


You’ll discover:


  • A inspiring story of Kathy's and my initial introduction to Shannon.
  • Why Shannon decided, despite note having any prior experience, to go into sales, and how she learned along the way.
  • The importance of keeping your commitments.
  • The difference between helping people MAKE their dreams come true, and helping people LIVE their dreams come true.
  • How to help someone recognize their value.
  • A peek into Shannon’s new book.


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  • “By helping other women believe in themselves, I would up believing in myself again, too.” ~Shannon Ferraby #confidence
  • “It’s believing in yourself, your abilities, and your value, and then enjoying that life you are creating right before your eyes.” ~Shannon Ferraby #confidence
  • “I make it my mission to do whatever I can to try and break down the walls so they can be brave enough to try one more time.” ~Shannon Ferraby #bravery


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