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Dec 29, 2020

Imagination, Thinking, Mindset, Creativity, Laughter




A famous candymaker taught us some delicious lessons about imagination. We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, Dr. Sofie Nubani takes us through some powerful strategies for powering up our imagination. That and more on today’s show.


Bob’s Thought of the Day


We’ll explore:


  • The power of imagination, as explored through my favorite movie of all time, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  • The practically limitless power we have at our disposal when tapping into our imagination.


Interview with Dr. Sofie Nubani


You’ll discover:


  • Sofie’s backstory, philosophy of life, and how she defines creativity.
  • Practical ways to be more creative.
  • Some of the thinking styles that take us to higher creativity.
  • The importance of divergent thinking (discovering many possibilities) and convergent thinking (choosing the best solution).
  • Two powerful examples of creativity from Sofie’s book.
  • All about her new project, The Circle of Creative Masters.
  • The importance of laughter, and how to achieve laughter mindset.


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  • On this episode of The Go-Giver, @NubaniSofie reveals how to use creative thinking to innovate and succeed. #creativity
  • “Originality is your own unique flavor.” ~@NubaniSofie #creativity
  • “It doesn’t matter what discipline you are with or what field you are representing, you can always become creative within that domain.” ~@NubaniSofie #creativity


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