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Apr 12, 2016

Technology, Relationships, People Skills, Influence, Social Media


Episode 13: Technology and Relationships—Terry Brock




Every day we’re surrounded by smartphones, social media, and many other types of technology. We have access to a greater quantity of communication than ever before. But what about the quality of communication? Does technology help or hurt us in this regard? Or is there a third option? We’ll discuss that in our Thought of the Day. In our interview segment, we’ll be joined by Terry Brock, a technology wizard who will help us see that it’s not about the technology, but about the relationship. That and more on today’s show.


Bob's Thought of the Day


  • All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, others whom they know, like, and trust. This is true no matter if you’re connecting with people face-to-face or online. It’s all about the relationship, no matter what the medium.
  • Those “know, like, and trust” relationships can absolutely be built online.
  • Recent podcast guest Geoff Colvin made an insightful point in his book Humans are Underrated: there is no substitute for human-to-human communication. We are wired to seek out human connection with other people.
  • As a young television broadcaster, I once asked a news director if he thought the Teleprompter was a great addition to broadcasting or whether it would take away from the authenticity of the communication. His response: It’s neither; it’s a great tool but nothing more.
  • The same is true for relationships: what matters is not the technology but the relationship itself. Are you always asking yourself how you can best add value to others? If so, you’re on the right track to connect with people. And, via the amazing technology we have today, many of these people will be those you might otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet.


Interview with Terry Brock


  • It’s vital that we remember to focus on cultivating, building, and maintaining relationships, no matter what the technology.
  • When you’re getting started, you can provide value by listening to what the other person is looking for. Chris Brogan says we need to grow bigger ears.
  • Video is a wonderful communication tool because you can make a closer connection with someone. Eyejot is an app that lets you easily send video messages to others.
  • We have to leverage technology to build relationships through “R-commerce” (relationship commerce). The key is to be real and genuine.
  • Another great tool is Blab, a livestream video chat platform. People around the world can gather together and talk about topics of common interest.
  • You can always learn new skills. The most important thing is to focus on people. Everyone can learn to be better at relationships.
  • When it comes to learning new technology, it’s good to say “not yet” instead of saying “no.” You might not be able to do something right now, but saying “not yet” will give you the seed of encouragement to move forward.



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