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Sep 20, 2016

Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Relationships, Business, Emotions




As human beings, our emotions drive our decisions all too often. The question is, can we logically do anything about it? We’ll look at that question in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, we learn from Steve Gutzler, an expert on Emotional Intelligence as it pertains to Leadership. We’ll discuss why those two concepts--emotional intelligence and Leadership--are absolutely intertwined. That and more on today’s show.

Bob's Thought of the Day


You’ll discover:


  • A key principle from Dale Carnegie’s classic book How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • Why becoming aware of your emotions is vital to gaining control over them.
  • The value of making your emotions your servant rather than your master.


Interview with Steve Gutzler


You’ll discover:


  • How Steve defines emotional intelligence, and why it’s critical to your success as a leader.
  • Why high-performing leaders are able to tune in to an empathetic level of relating with others.
  • The importance of navigating the 17% of time (on average) that you are not in control of your emotions, and why that 17% determines your reputation and leadership.
  • Why you must disengage in order to re-engage when emotions are running high.
  • Why it’s best to schedule emotional conversations at the beginning of the day.
  • The two keys to improving your emotional intelligence.

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  • Discover how emotional intelligence can take your leadership to the next level. @stevegutzler
  • When emotions are high, disengage to you can re-engage from a position of strength. @stevegutzler
  • When you lose control of yourself, you lose your options. @stevegutzler
  • Discover the two keys to emotional intelligence. @stevegutzler
  • When you lose control of yourself, you lose your options. @stevegutzler


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