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Sep 27, 2016

Relationships, Business, Success, Responsibility, Goals




Dale Carnegie was right on the mark in one of his most famous sayings. We’ll look at that in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, Nancy Matthews explains to us how we can be THE ONE in other people’s worlds. That and more on today’s show.

Bob's Thought of the Day


You’ll discover:


  • How this principle from Dale Carnegie’s classed How to Win Friends and Influence People can change your life: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”
  • Three steps to becoming genuinely more interested in others.
  • How the principle of “action precedes feeling” can help you become more interested in others and improve your relationships.


Interview with Nancy Matthews


You’ll discover:


  • Nancy’s journey from being a single mother living paycheck to paycheck, to a successful business leader and author.
  • The power of Nancy’s THE ONE philosophy and how it can help you honor and connect with other people.
  • How to make a shift to being others-focused.
  • The power of taking responsibility for your own life.
  • How Nancy used THE ONE philosophy to help a man begin his journey toward the goal of becoming general manager of a professional hockey team.
  • Why using THE ONE philosophy benefits you as well as the person you’re focusing on.
  • Why consistently focusing on others as though they are the most important person in the world can change your world dramatically.

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  • Focus on everyone U speak w as though they are the most important person in the world. @nancyprospers
  • Learn how to focus on others & dramatically improve your relationships by using THE ONE philosophy. @nancyprospers
  • When U treat others as the most important person in the world, it changes your world, too. @nancyprospers


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