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Nov 26, 2019

Business, Freedom, Relationships, Vision, Alignment




Why is freedom so important? We’ll look at in our Thought of the Day. And in our interview segment, we’ll explore what it means to have a “Freedom Lifestyle,” as well as the keys to having one. We’ll discuss that with the author of a book on that very topic. That and more on today’s show.


Bob’s Thought of the Day


We’ll explore:


  • Two definitions of “freedom.”
  • Why 75% of employees feel disengaged at work.
  • The importance of autonomy and “intrinsic motivation” vis a vis employee performance.


Interview with Curt Mercadante


You’ll discover:


  • How Curt defines “entrepreneurial freedom.”
  • Curt’s story of feeling overwhelmed but then gaining time freedom and financial freedom.
  • The difference between growing a business and scaling a business.
  • How Curt’s Father impacted how he viewed success and relationships.
  • The five key areas that must be firing on all cylinders for you to be living out The Freedom Five: Superpowers, Vision, Alignment, Outcomes, Goals.
  • Why the key to freedom and fulfillment isn’t balance; it’s alignment.
  • The importance of reverse-engineering your vision by establishing short-term goals.
  • How companies and teams can apply the principles of The Freedom Five.

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  • What are “The Freedom Five?” Author and Entrepreneur, @CurtMercadante shares this and more from his terrific book, “Five Pillars of The Freedom Lifestyle” in this episode of The Go-Giver Podcast.
  • True #entrepreneurial freedom means growing your business while growing your freedom & fulfillment. @CurtMercadante
  • The key to freedom and fulfillment isn’t balance; it’s alignment: aligning the three facets in your life—work, family, and self. @CurtMercadante


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Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle: How to Escape Your Comfort Zone of Misery by Curt Mercadante (Amazon link)

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